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"I was raised with a paintbrush in my hand," says Ingrid. "When I was a baby, my mom would put me in a basket under her easel while she was painting pictures of boats in downtown Annapolis. As soon as I could walk, she set up an easel next to her and gave me watercolors to work with. By the time I was five, I sold my first boat painting to a tourist for 25 cents."

Painting water scenes in Annapolis evolved into a discipline that has taken her from sketching portraits at Cape Cod street festivals to studying figurative art at The Art Students League of New York. At age nineteen she secured her first commission to paint the headmaster of Severn School in Severna Park, Maryland, and soon professionally followed in the footsteps of her parents, also portrait artists. "My father has been my best teacher, patiently guiding my development. He taught me how to analyze every aspect of the subject matter. My mother has been an encouraging force since I began and showed me how to draw from my own vision and inspiration."

Today Ingrid's portraits hang in homes throughout the East Coast and exhibited in the Wolfarth Galleries in Washington, D.C. and Provincetown, Massachusetts. While she is an accomplished landscape and still life painter, portraiture is Ingrid's forté. "When I see a person, I see them in the most optimistic, positive way," says Ingrid, mother of three boys. "With a child, I try to convey their playfulness and innocence, as well as the potential of who they could become. When the portrait is finished, I hope I've created a little piece of life in which you can lose yourself, in which you always see something new every time you view it."

Born: Annapolis, Maryland 1972
Studied with Lee Boynton, John Ebersberger, Steve Perkins, Gary Weisman, Nelson Shanks, Dinnerstein, Ted Seth Jacobs, Joanette and Cedric Egeli | Studied Anatomy and Sculpture at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
Figure Painting at the Arts Students League of New York, Impressionism at the Cape Cod School of Art

Contact: Ingrid Baldwin Egeli
510 Third Ave
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
Phone: (410) 231-4111 | E-mail: ingrid.egeli@gmail.com

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